Customized Gige Vision Cable for Industrial Cameras and Machine Vision Applications

Donghoo Tech Co., Ltd is an industrial camera cable assemblies factory in China, We offering high-quality and good price machine vision cable harnesses for more than 10 years. We can customize Ethernet GigE vision data cables, CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 6a, and CAT 7 cables with RJ45 straight type and angled type, horizontal screw locking, and vertical screw locking type according to the end-users requirements.

The Length:

Cable length can be customized from as short as 15cm(about 5.9 inch) to as long as 100meters(about 328 ft)

The cable wire material:

1: Space shuttle high flex Ethernet cable cat 6

2: IGUS drag chain ultra flex Ethernet cable cat 5e

3: Taiyo Gigabit Ethernet cable

4: Standard industrial LAN cable

5: SAMZHE CAT7 cable

The Connector:

Connector A:

1──8pin RJ45 straight hotplug 2──8pin RJ45 90 degree hotplug 3──8pin RJ45 with horizontal thumbscrew locking 4──8pin RJ45 with vertical thumbscrew locking
RJ45 Straight RJ45 Right Angle DOWN w/Clip RJ45 Horizontal W/Thumbscrews RJ45 Vertical W/Thumbscrews
5──8pin M12 male connector 6──8pin M12 female connector 7──12pin M12 male connector 8──12pin M12 female connector
9──8pin Hirose male connector 10─8pin Hirose female connector 11─12pin Hirose male connector 12─12pin Hirose female connector
hirose 8pin male connector hirose 8pin female connector hirose 12pin male connector hirose 12pin female connector

Note: M12 ACode and XCode for options.

Connector B:

1──8pin RJ45 straight hotplug

2──8pin RJ45 90 degree hotplug

3──8pin RJ45 with horizontal thumbscrew locking

4──8pin RJ45 with vertical thumbscrew locking

5──Open-end with pigtail

The RJ45 connection orientation:

straight, right angle up, right angle down, 90 degrees angled molding type, we have full set of angled molding for user's options to solve complex connections problem.

RJ45 Vertical RIGHT Exit RJ45 Vertical LEFT Exit RJ45 Horizontal R/A UP
RJ45 Vertical RIGHT Exit W/Thumbscrews RJ45 Vertical LEFT Exit W/Thumbscrews RJ45 Horizontal R/A UP w/Thumbscrews
RJ45 Horizontal RIGHT Exit RJ45 Horizontal LEFT Exit RJ45 Horizontal R/A DOWN
RJ45 Horizontal RIGHT Exit W/Recessed Screws RJ45 Horizontal LEFT Exit W/Recessed Screws RJ45 Horizontal R/A DOWN w/Thumbscrews


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