Industrial USB 3.0 Bus Cable The Micro B Right Exit with Recessed Screws

Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:DHT
Model Number:USB3.0

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:100pcs
Packaging Details:1 piece  per PE Bag then 20pcs per carton
Delivery Time:3 - 7 working days
Payment Terms:T/T or Paypal
Supply Ability:300,000pcs per month

Detailed Product Description

Material:High Quality Usb CableInterface:USB3.0 A Male To USB3.0 Angled Micro B With Screw Locking
Color:Black / VioletLength:3m/10ft
OEM:YESGuarantee:1~2 Years

Industrial USB 3.0 Bus Cable The Micro B Right Exit with Recessed Screws

Product Description:

USB 3.0 Locking Screw cables follow the USB3 Vision Standard and are Machine Vision Compliant, with the spacing of 22 mm for A and B Connectors and 18 mm for Micro B Connectors. They are capable to send USB 3.0 signals up to 5 meters reliably for solving the distance connectivity problem in the Machine Vision Industry. With customizable length and plenty of variety in stock; DHT will be able to provide exactly what your set-up requires.

For application in tight spaces, we also manufacture (usb 3.0 angled cable )USB 3.0 Angled Locking Cables. Similarly with straight locking cables, all the Angled cables also follow the USB3 Vision Standard.

We make variety of of plug angle orientation and have cable options:

1: Cable Options:

Normale cable in black color

High flex cable in violet color:(the use of bending resistance cable is specially for moving system,drag chain system automation equipment, AOI, motion detection, motion control and high-end communication equipment etc...)

2:USB connector molding type(USB2.0 / USB 3.0):

angled usb cable

usb lock cable

left angle usb

left angle micro usb cable

micro usb cable 90 degree angle

90 usb cable

down angle micro usb

usb b 90 degree

3: Cable Length:

custom usb cables

short usb cable

long usb extension cable

usb cable ferrite

Screw Lock Angled Micro USB Cable Drawing(USB3.0 A male to USB3.0 Angled Micro B with Screw Locking):


Specifications and characteristics:

1, We make customized USB cable,USB3.0 cable and angulated connector for options.

2, Both ends with high-quality plug, the contact finger is gold plating, to ensure good contact and 100% copper conductor ensure the signal communication.

3,This sample cable is with one end connector USB3.0 a male, one end of the micro B USB3.0 angulated connector. USB3.0 Micro B the head with two sides the injection molding screw hole, the specific hole distance please inqure us. Commonly used screws for the M2 type. USB3.0 Micro B  side angluated directions, with a lock screw fixation,  the angulated USB connector can solve the equipment space limitation and other issues.

4,This product is mainly exported to Germany USA and Italy, mainly used for below application.


Machine Vision

Industrial Camera
Auto Optical Inspection system=AOI

USB 3.0 Device


Test and Measurement Equipment