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Distributors and Agents. Building a strong network of agents and resellers is an important priority for Donghoo Tech Co., Limited, therefore, we are finding distributors in Europe, America, Middle-east Region, Asia, etc. Distributors wanted We welcome you could become Donghoo products distributors. Moreover, if you are a company with great potential, send your company profile to:sales@donghootech.com. In short, Donghoo Tech would like to support you for better and sustainable growth. Collaborating with business partners worldwide. In that case, Donghoo strives to help meet the needs of the customer by providing integrated products, services, or solutions through local representatives. A strong, well-supported distributor and agent network provides access to customers and markets Donghoo might not otherwise be able to reach directly.  Consequently, Donghoo works hard to provide you with an infrastructure of solid support, custom-tailored training, regular product updates, and access to Donghoo marketing materials. We are in the machine vision field for more than ten years. In other words, we are very experienced in machine vision accessories and system integration. Meanwhile, we are the manufacturer, we could offer you the best price and customization. For more information about our company, please visit about us. In addition, our Twitter: Donghoo Tech. To sum up, a partnership with Donghoo Tech Co., Limited can be mutually beneficial. That is to say, it will increase your revenue and establish your brand in the radiation safety market.  So, if you believe that a partnership with Donghoo would be a good fit for the radiation safety applications in your country or region, firstly fill out the form below, further, a representative will get in touch with you with details on becoming a Donghoo distributor. Call us or contact us via the form below:

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