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USB3.0 active optical cable type A male to micro-B with locking screws

USB3.0 active optical cable type A male to micro-B with locking screws


Model Name: AOC-0330
Cable Type: high flexible
Application: drag chain

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Product Details
USB3.0 active optical cable is ideal to connect industrial cameras to frame grabber/computer. It can be installed on a drag chain and bent over 10 million cycles. Besides, it complies with the USB3.0 vision standard, the transmission rate is up to 10G bps, and the distance is up to 30 meters.

USB3.0 Active Optical Cable Features

  • Transmit speed up to 10Gbps.
  • As long as 30 meters.
  • 100% EMC and EMI.
  • Bending over 10 million cycles, suitable for drag chains, and robots.
  • Stable and durable.
  • Meet USB3 vision standards.
This cable can replace Basler Cable USB 3.0, Micro B sl/A, P, 5 m – Data Cable(order number 2000033241), and is compatible with Basler areas scan cameras, such as Basler Ace series, Basler dark, and Basler pulse industrial cameras. It can replace many other USB3.0 vision cables used for industrial cameras, see the “Compatibility Cameras List” below for details.
USB3.0 AOC cable
The cable material is made of optical fiber, so it is tiny, lightweight, and space-saving. Meanwhile, it has superior bending performance and good. Withstand side pressure performance, facilitate wiring construction and save cost. The transmitting end and the receiving end are shielded by a zinc alloy shell to provide maximum strength and durability.
USB3.0 active optical cable

Compatibility Cameras List

  • Basler Ace series, Dark series, Pulse series.
  • Baumer CX series, such as VCXU-51M.
  • Allied Vision, such as Alvium 1800 U series, and the Mako series.
  • FLIR Blackfly S USB3, Blackfly USB3 series, Chameleon3 USB3 series, Firefly DL, Firefly S, Flea3 USB3 series, Grasshopper3 USB3 series.
  • Imperx C4180, C4181, C5180 series.
  • Opto-e COE-U series, mvBlueFOX3-2 series.
  • Teledyne, such as Lumenera LT series.
  • The Imaging Source, such as 23, 27, 33, 42 series, and USB 3.0 Polarsens series.
  • JAI, such as the Alex series, the Go series, and the Spark series.
  • XIMEA, such as xiQ series, xiC series USB3 Vision Cameras.
  • DAHENG MER, MER2, MARS, VEN series USB3 Vision Cameras.

Replaceable Cables

  • Basler Cable USB 3.0, Micro B sl/A, P, 5 m – Data Cable(order number 2000033241).
  • Baumer, such as KSG U2/KSGU6GC0300G/KSG(Article no.: 11702660), U2/KSGU6GC0500G(Article no.: 11702816).
  • Allied, such as 9434, 12326, 12327, 12328, 12329 USB3.0 A-micro B copper cables. 12358, 12359, 12360 AOC, drag chain suitability, micro-B plug with screw locks to standard A cables.
  • FLIR, such as ACC-01-2300, ACC-01-2301 USB3 Type-A to Micro-B (Locking) Cable. ACC-01-2304, ACC-01-2305, ACC-01-2306 USB3 Type-A to Micro-B Locking Cable.
  • Opto-e CBUSB3001 Passive USB 3.0 cable, industrial level, horizontal screw locking, 3 m.
  • Teledyne, such as Lumenera La303ML – USB 3.1 Cable A-Male to Micro-B male Locking (3m / 9.75ft).
  • The Imaging Source, such as CA-USB30-AmB-BLS/3 and CA-USB30-AmB-BLS/10 USB3 vision cable.
  • Alysium-Tech, such as A74-2657, A74-6302, and A74-9583 USB3 vision cable.
  • XIMEA CBL-U3-5M0, CBL-U3A-20M0.
USB3.0 active optical cable is more expensive, but it’s also more durable. In that case, considering the price and the durability, it’s still more cost-effective.
For USB3 vision standards, please visit Wikipedia.

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