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Hirose HR10A-10P-12S IO cable for power/IO trigger

Hirose HR10A-10P-12S IO cable for power/IO trigger


Model number: DHT-C-0723
Cable Type: high flexible
Application: power/triger io

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Product Details
The Hirose HR10A-10P-12S female 12 pins connector is on one side of the cable, and another side is tinned with open wires. We accept the customization for power supply only, eg, 2 20AWG wires. Please refer to https://www.hirose.com/en/product/p/CL0110-0402-0-73 for more information about the connector.

Hirose HR10A-10P-12S Applications

  • Camera DC power supply.
  • Video signal transmission.
  • IO trigger.
tinned terminal

Compatibility Cameras List

  • Hitachi Ultra-Compact Analog Progressive Scan Camera.
  • Panasonic GP-MF130, GP-MF502, GP-MF552, GP-MF602, GP-MF-622, GP-MF702, GP-MF702D cameras.
  • Sony industrial CCD camera’s DXC-950, DXC-990, and DXC-990P CCD Camera.
  • Basler pilot, scout GigE, aviator GigE cameras.
  • Marshall camera CV503, CV505, CV506, CV565, CV344, CV345, CV346, CV380, CV420.

Replaceable Cables

  • Power Supply 12V/18W, Hirose 12-pin, 2200000168.
  • Any other cable with HR10A-10P-12S.

Hirose HR10A-10P-12S Customization

We accept the customization for the following:
  • The connector type includes female and male connectors. Please advise us of the connector model number for more details.
  • The angle orientation. We offer 8 orientations for options, please refer to the picture below.
  • The cable length. That is to say, from 0.2 meters to 15 meters.
  • The cable color, such as black, beige, etc.
  • The open end types, such as strip insulator tin-plated, crimp terminal, pigtail for option.
  • The cable-type, twisted or non-twisted. We also accept customization on wire AWG, for example, 20AWG for power supply.
hr10a-10p-12s orientation

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