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Spot point light source

Spot point light source


Features: Space-saving, compact, high-power high-brightness.
Color: R,G,B,W,UV,IR

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Product Details
Spot point light source has a single high-power high brightness LED, but, it also has strong luminous intensity. It has many color options, such as white, red, green, purple, and blue. The light source can also have UV and IR as options. The light source has a metal base, in that case, the heat dissipates more effectively.   The top diameter is generally 8mm, We can use it alone in machine vision systems, or, use it with telecentric lenses with coaxial function.  

Spot point light source Features:

  1. Single high-power high-brightness LED, strong luminescence, small size;
  2. Efficient heat dissipation and long service life.
  3. Space-saving, especially for compact vision systems.

Application areas:

  1. Detection of small surface defects;
  2. Mark point positioning and image scanning;
  3. Chips and LCD glass-bottom calibration.
spot light source

Selection guide:

Please refer to the table below, we also accept any customization on the dimension, power, color, etc.
Model NumberColorVoltage(DC)PowerODLength

Spot light source accessories:

  1. Light source controller, such as digital controller, analog controller, etc.
  2. Extension cable, that is, extend the length of the power/io trigger cable.
  3. Adapter cable. That is to say, change the interface to another type.
  For more details about spot point source, please refer to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Point_source For more products about our spot light source, please refer to /category/products/light-source/

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