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GigE Cat6 vision cable with RJ45 locking screws

GigE Cat6 vision cable with RJ45 locking screws


Model Number: DHT-C-0263
Application: GigE vision, static

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Product Details
GigE Cat6 vision cable has two locking screws on one side, that is to say, connect to the GigE camera stable.  The cable is an industrial grade. It’s reliable and suitable for industrial cameras, and frame grabbers. This camera cable is compatible with most GigE industrial cameras, please refer to the compatibility cameras list for more details.  

GigE Cat6 vision cable features:

  1. SSTP double shield, braid + foil design for maximum protection from EMI/RFI.
  2. Flame Retardant Grade: VW-1.
  3. Meet industrial GigE vision standards.
  4. Abrasion-resistant, flame-resistant, torsion-resistant, heat-resistant.

Compatibility Cameras List

  1. Baumer GigE Cameras, such as HXG series, LXG series, MXG series, TXG series, SXG series, VCG series, VLG series, VEG series.
  2. Dalsa GigE Cameras, such as Genie Nano series, Spyder3 series.
  3. Emergent Vision Technologies GigE Cameras, such as Bolt 25 GigE Area Scan series, 10 GigE Area Scan series, and Accel 25 GigE Line Scan series.
  4. JAI GigE area scan cameras, such as Fusion series, Apex series, C series, Go Series, Spark Series, and Sweep+ series.
  5. PixeLINK GigE area scan cameras, such as PL-B741, PL-E952, PL-X9512.
  6. Sony GigE area scan cameras, such as XCG-5005, and XCG-V60E.
  7. illunis GigE cameras, such as CMV-50 MP GigE, CMV-71 MP GigE.
  8. Basler GigE Cameras, such as Basler ace series, Basler aviator series, Basler pilot series, Basler racer series, Basler scout series.
  9. Allied Vision GigE Cameras, such as Goldeye series, Mako series, Manta series, and Prosilica series.
  10. FLIR GigE Vision Cameras, such as Blackfly S GigE series, Blackfly GigE series, Grasshopper2 GigE series, Grasshopper3 GigE series, Zebra2 GigE series, Flea3 GigE series.
  11. Imperx GigE Vision Cameras, such as Bobcat series, C2000 3 MP CMOS Camera, IP67-C2010 3 MP CMOS Camera.
  12. Opto-e mvBlueCOUGAR series.
  13. The Imaging Source’s GigE cameras, such as 38 series, 33 series, and 33 “e” series.
  14. DAHENG MER-G, MER-G-P, MARS-G-P, MER2-G, MER2-G-P series GigE Vision Cameras.
GigE CAT6 vision cable
For more details about CAT6, please refer to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category_6_cable.

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