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Internal Camera Link cable MDR female to SDR male

Internal Camera Link cable MDR female to SDR male


Model number: DHT-S-0068
Cable Type: high flexible
Application: internal connection

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Product Details
The internal camera link cable is compact, highly flexible, light, and space-saving. It can as short as 10 cm(3.94 inches). So, it’s suitable for the internal link in the vision systems. We use the 3M™ 90201 series Pleated Foil Shielded Cable, please refer to https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/p/d/b00039658/ for more details. 3M 90201 Series pleated foil shielded cable

Internal Camera Link cable customization

We could customize the following:
  • The connector type, SDR, MDR, male, female for option.
  • Angle orientation, such as straight, RA up, RA down.
  • Cable length, from 10 cm to 100cm.
  • Logo, package, and label.
ICL cable with MDR female connector

Compatibility Cameras List

  • Baume HXC series, SXC series. eg: HXC13, SXC20.
  • CIS VCC series cameras. eg: CIS VCC-12CL1M Camera.
  • JAI PMCL series, CL series, such as AP-3200T-PMCL.
  • Sony XCL series cameras, such as XCL-U1000.
  • ILLUNIS CMV series cameras, such as CMV50C-CL.
  • Allied Vision Goldeye CL series, such as CL-008 Cool TEC1.
  • FLIR TAU2 Camera Link Board.
  • FLIR Boson Camera Link Accessory Kit (421-0063-00).
  • Imperx NEW Tiger Series, such as T2040.
  • Imperx Bobcat Camera Link series, such as B1040.
  • Opto-e COE HR AS series, such as COE50MCLIR-K.
  • Dalsa AViiVA series, ELiiXA+ series, Genie Nano-CL series, Linea Mono series, Piranha4 series, Piranha HS series.
  • JAI Apex series, Go series, Spark series, Sweep+ series, Wave series, such as SW-4000TL-PMCL. The model number ends with PMCL or CL.
  • Basler ace classic series area scan cameras such as acA2040-180kc.
  • Basler beat series area scan cameras such as beA4000-62kc.
  • Basler racer series line scan cameras such as raL4096-80km.

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