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1394B R/A left cable with locking screws

1394B R/A left cable with locking screws


Model Number: 1394B-RA-LEFT
Application: High flex, for industrial cameras

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Product Details
This Firewire 1394B R/A left cable has two IEEE 1394B firewire male connectors, one of the connectors is right-angled exit left. Both connectors have thumb-locking screws. It can connect the frame grabber with cameras. The cable is also compatible with all the latest 1394b cameras, such as Sony, AVT, PointGrey, Basler, etc. Besides, any 1394b device that supports the screw locking type connector is also compatible. Our 1394B 9-pin cable with high-quality shielding and ferrite cores improves the ability of EMI & noise suppression. 1394b camera and frame grabber

Firewire 1394B R/A left cable Compatibility Cameras List

  1. Allied Vision Guppy Pro series, such as Guppy Pro F-031 B/C. Pike series, such as Pike-100 B/C. Stingray series, such as Stingray F-125 B/C.
  2. UniBrain Firewire-800 industrial cameras, such as Fire-i 580c, Fire-i 780c, Fire-i 785c, Fire-i 980c.
  3. Teledyne FLIR FireWire cameras, such as Flea2, Flea3, and Grasshopper.
  4. PointGrey FireWire 1394b camera, such as fl2g-50s5m-c.
1394B R/A left cable

Customization Option

  1. Cable length, from 0.2 meters to 15 meters.
  2. Cable type. Both static and highly flexible cables for drag chains as options.
  3. Connector type. We offer 1394A 6-pin, 1394B 9-pin, male and female as options.
  4. Connector angle orientation. There are four angle orientations, you can also customize it.
  5. Locking type. We have non-locking, screw locking, and latch locking as options.
  6. Cable color. The standard color is black, you can also have any color code for the 1394 cable.
1394 B 9-pin cable For more information about IEEE 1394 firewire, please refer to Wikipedia.

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