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Camera Link MDR to SDR cable with locking screws

Camera Link MDR to SDR cable with locking screws


Model Number: DHT-C-0285
Application: high flex, industrial cameras

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Product Details
The Camera Link MDR to SDR/HDR cable has a bigger MDR male connector, and a smaller SDR/HDR male connector. MDR stands for Mini D Ribbon, which many frame grabbers have the interface with. SDR stands for Shrunk Delta Ribbon, most slim industrial cameras have this smaller interface.  


  • OD: 9.5mm.
  • AWG: (28AWG*1P+AM)*11PCS+24AWG*2C+2D.
  • Color: black.
  • Bending cycles: >10 million.
  • PoCL: Yes

Camera Link Customization:

  • Length: From 0.15 meters to 15 meters.
  • Angle orientation: We could custom 8-angle orientation.
  • PoCL: You can also have non-PoCL (Power over Camera Link) as the option.
  • Connector type: We provide many types of Camera Link connectors, such as MDR, SDR/HDR, over-mold, metal shell, etc.
Camera Link SDR to MDR cable

Compatibility Cameras List

  1. Baume HXC series, SXC series. eg: HXC13, SXC20.
  2. CIS VCC series cameras. eg: CIS VCC-12CL1M Camera.
  3. JAI PMCL series, CL series, such as AP-3200T-PMCL.
  4. Sony XCL series cameras, such as XCL-U1000.
  5. ILLUNIS CMV series cameras, such as CMV50C-CL.
  6. Allied Vision Goldeye CL series, such as CL-008 Cool TEC1.
  7. FLIR TAU2 Camera Link Board.
  8. FLIR Boson Camera Link Accessory Kit (421-0063-00).
  9. Imperx NEW Tiger Series, such as T2040.
  10. Imperx Bobcat Camera Link series, such as B1040.
  11. Opto-e COE HR AS series, such as COE50MCLIR-K.
  12. Dalsa AViiVA series, ELiiXA+ series, Genie Nano-CL series, Linea Mono series, Piranha4 series, Piranha HS series.
  13. JAI Apex series, Go series, Spark series, Sweep+ series, Wave series, such as SW-4000TL-PMCL. The model number ends with PMCL or CL.
  14. Basler ace classic series area scan cameras such as acA2040-180kc.
  15. Basler beat series area scan cameras such as beA4000-62kc.
  16. Basler racer series line scan cameras such as raL4096-80km.

Camera Link MDR to SDR Replaceable Cables

  1. Basler Cable, PoCL, SDR/MDR, P, 3 m – Data Cable(order number 2000031082).
  2. Basler Cable, PoCL, SDR/MDR, P, 5 m – Data Cable(order number 2000031083).
  3. Basler Cable, PoCL, SDR/MDR, P, 10 m – Data Cable(order number 2000031084).
  4. 3M Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) Cable Assembly, 1MF26-L560-00C-XXX series, such as 1MF26-L560-00C-100, 1MF26-L560-00C-200, 1MF26-L560-00C-500, 1MF26-L560-00C-A00.

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