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MDR male to SDR female Camera Link cable

MDR male to SDR female Camera Link cable


Model number: CL-MDR-SDR-F
Application: drag chain, extension

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Product Details
MDR male to SDR female Camera Link cable can connect the frame grabber with the industrial camera. It can also extend the connection for the frame grabber. The cable has one MDR 26-pin male connector on one side, and an SDR 26-pin female connector on the other side. Both connectors have locking screws/nuts, so they could connect securely.   Camera Link MDR male to SDR female cable  


  • OD: 9.5mm.
  • AWG: (28AWG*1P+AM)*11PCS+24AWG*2C+2D.
  • Color: black.
  • Bending cycles: >10 million.
  • PoCL: Yes
Camera Link SDR/HDR female


  • Length: From 0.15 meters to 15 meters.
  • Angle orientation: We could custom 8-angle orientation.
  • PoCL: You can also have non-PoCL (Power over Camera Link) as the option.
  • Connector type: We provide many types of Camera Link connectors, such as MDR, SDR/HDR, over-mold, metal shell, etc.

Compatibility Cameras List:

  • Baume HXC series, SXC series. eg: HXC13, SXC20.
  • CIS VCC series cameras. eg: CIS VCC-12CL1M Camera.
  • JAI PMCL series, CL series, such as AP-3200T-PMCL.
  • Sony XCL series cameras, such as XCL-U1000.
  • ILLUNIS CMV series cameras, such as CMV50C-CL.
  • Allied Vision Goldeye CL series, such as CL-008 Cool TEC1.
  • FLIR TAU2 Camera Link Board.
  • FLIR Boson Camera Link Accessory Kit (421-0063-00).
  • Imperx NEW Tiger Series, such as T2040.
  • Imperx Bobcat Camera Link series, such as B1040.
  • Opto-e COE HR AS series, such as COE50MCLIR-K.
  • Dalsa AViiVA series, ELiiXA+ series, Genie Nano-CL series, Linea Mono series, Piranha4 series, Piranha HS series.
  • JAI Apex series, Go series, Spark series, Sweep+ series, Wave series, such as SW-4000TL-PMCL. The model number ends with PMCL or CL.
  • Basler ace classic series area scan cameras such as acA2040-180kc.
  • Basler beat series area scan cameras such as beA4000-62kc.
  • Basler racer series line scan cameras such as raL4096-80km.
Our Camera Link MDR extension cable can reach a bandwidth as high as 85MHz, it’s ideal for your solution. For the flat internal camera link(ICL) cable, please refer to the Internal Camera Link cable MDR female to SDR male.

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