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HR25-7TP-8P 8-pin IO/trigger cable

HR25-7TP-8P 8-pin IO/trigger cable


Model Number: DHT-C-0325
Application: machine vision camera power supply/io trigger

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Product Details
The HR25-7TP-8P 8-pin IO/trigger cable has a Hirose HR25-7TP-8P male connector on one side, and the other is an open flying lead. We can use it on FLIR Point Grey, Basler, AVT Vision GigE cameras, and for the power supply or IO trigger.  

Hirose 8-pin male cable features:

  1. Abrasion-resistant, flame-resistant, torsion-resistant, heat-resistant.
  2. Open flying lead, easy for making DIY connections according to your needs.
  3. All 8 28AWG wires.
  4. Full shield cable.
  5. Overmold connector, as a result, IP56 dustproof, and waterproof rating.
HR25-7TP-8P 8-pin IO/trigger cable

Compatibility Cameras List

  • Teledyne FLIR(point grey) Flea, Flea2, Flea2G, Flea3, Gazelle, Grasshopper, Grasshopper2, Grasshopper3, Grasshopper Express, Ladybug3 series industrial cameras.

Replaceable Cables

  • FLIR ACC-01-3000, ACC-01-3005.
  • Any other cables that have an HR25-7TP-8P male connector.

Hirose 8-pin male cable Customization:

We accept any customization not limited to the following:
  1. Cable length from 0.2 meters to 15 meters.
  2. Cable color, for example, we have beige and black as options.
  3. The connector type, such as HR25-7TP-8S, HR25-7TP-8P.
  4. Wire type, twist, and non-twist as options.
  5. Connector right angle orientation.  That is to say, we have 8 orientations for options.
Please refer to our product catalog for more Hirose HR25-7TP-8P 8-pin IO/trigger cables. For more information about the TELEDYNE FLIR machine vision cameras, please visit FLIR.

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