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USB3.1 A to Type-C AOC for machine vision

USB3.1 A to Type-C AOC for machine vision


Model number: USB3-AOC-AC
Application: drag chain, industrial camera

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Product Details
USB3.1 A to Type-C AOC active optical cable is high flex for industrial machine vision cameras. It has locking screws on the Type-C side to mount the camera stably. This industry-leading USB 3.1 active optical cable can be as long as 30 meters, meanwhile, the transmission rate can be up to 10Gbps without signal loss.  

USB3.1 A to Type-C active optical cable features

  • Transmit speed up to 10Gbps.
  • As long as 30 meters.
  • 100% EMC and EMI.
  • Hot-swap supported.
  • Support DP ALT mode(DisplayPort over Alt mode).
  • Bending over 10 million cycles, suitable for drag chains, and robots.
  • Stable and durable.
  • Meet USB3 vision standards.
  • Do not require an extern power supply.

Compatibility Cameras List

  1. The Imaging Source 37A, 37B, 38 series – USB 3.1 color industrial cameras.
  2. XIMEA – xiC USB 3.1 industrial Gen1 cameras.
  3. IDS uEye LE, SE series USB3.1 industrial Gen1 cameras.
  4. Any other cameras with a Type-C female socket.
  USB3.1 Type-C AOC for machine vision The cable material is made of optical fiber, so it is tiny, lightweight, and space-saving. Meanwhile, it has superior bending performance. Withstand side pressure performance, facilitate wiring construction and save cost. The transmitting end and the receiving end are shielded by a zinc alloy shell to provide maximum strength and durability.   This USB3.1 Gen2 A to Type-C for machine vision AOC is also ideal for VR/AR and many other audio/video applications.
USB3.1 active optical cable is more expensive, it’s also more durable. In that case, considering the price and the durability, it’s still more cost-effective.
For USB3 vision standards, please visit Wikipedia.

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