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HR25-7TP-8S to RJ45 cable for industrial cameras

HR25-7TP-8S to RJ45 cable for industrial cameras


Model number: DHT-C-0386
Application: high flex, for industrial GigE camera

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Product Details
The HR25-7TP-8S to RJ45 cable is suitable for industrial GigE cameras. In fact, it’s an SSTP CAT6 GigE cable with one end HIROSE HR25-7TP-8S female 8-pin connector.  The cable is compatible with DAHENG and Allied Vision GigE cameras. We can also use the cable for power supply(PoE, power over ethernet) or trigger IO/GPIO. Please refer to the “Compatibility List” on the right for details.  

Compatibility Cameras List

  1. DAHENG MERCURY2 GigE PoE series (MER2-G-P) camera.
  2. DAHENG MERCURY2 PRO series (ME2P-G-P) camera.
  3. DAHENG MERCURY2 USB3 Vision camera, standard version (MER2-U3(-L)series), Pro version (ME2P-U3series)and Lite version (ME2L-U3(-L)series).
  4. DAHENG MER2-G Series, MARS-G5-P Series, ME2P-U3 Series, MER2-U3 Series, MARS-U3 Series, MARS-G-P Series, MER-G-P Series area scan cameras.
  5. Allied Vision AVT Mako G series GigE Vision Cameras, such as AVT Mako G-503B.
  6. Allied Vision AVT Guppy series IEEE FireWire 1394 Vision Cameras, such as AVT Guppy F080B.

HR25-7TP-8S to RJ45 alternative cables

  1. Allied Vision Order code: 13868 (Desktop power supply without connection cable)
  2. Allied Vision Order code: 13866 (AC power cable, 1.8 m, US to C13).
  3. Allied Vision Order code: 13865 (AC power cable, 1.8 m, EU to C13).
  HR25-7TP-8S to RJ45 cable

Cable Features

  1. 26AWG power wire.
  2. Industrial grade is reliable and suitable for industrial cameras, and frame grabbers.
  3. Transmission of high-speed for the audio, data, and video.
  4. Fully SSTP shielded.
  5. Supply PoE(Power over Ethernet).
  6. Overmolded connector, IP56 waterproof.
  7. 100% open, short, miss-wire test.
  8. Gold plated on the terminal contacts.

HR25-7TP-8S to RJ45 Cable Customization

We accept any customization for the HR25-7TP-8S to RJ45 cable not limited to the following:
  1. Cable length from 0.5 meters to 100 meters.
  2. Cable color, for example, we have beige and black as options.
  3. The connector type, such as HR10A-10P-12S, HR10A-10P-12S, HR25-7TP-8S, HR25-7TP-8P.
  4. Wire type, such as twist, and non-twist as options.
  5. Pin assignment.
  6. Connector right angle orientation.  That is to say, we have 8 orientations for the Hirose 12S connector, and 4 orientations for the RJ45 connector.
For more details about CAT6, please refer to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category_6_cable.  

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