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HR10A-12P-12S 2-Pin power cable for industrial cameras

HR10A-12P-12S 2-Pin power cable for industrial cameras


Model number: HRS-HR10A-12P-12S-PWR2
Application: power supply cable

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Product Details
This HR10A-12P-12S 2-Pin power cable is dedicated to the power supply. It has a 22AWG power wire, suitable for high current and low contact resistance applications. Besides, the crimp terminal open end is easy for wiring. Please note that the higher the current and the longer the wire, the thicker the wire should be. This could reduce wire heating and voltage loss.  

HR10A-12P-12S 2-Pin power cable Features:

  1. 22AWG power wire.
  2. Insulation resistance 20M ohm Min, DC 300V 0.01sec.
  3. Contact resistance: 3 ohms Max.
  4. 100% open, short, mis-wire test.
  5. Crimp terminal, easy for wiring.

Compatibility Cameras List

  1. Basler Scout, Pilot, and Aviator GigE auxiliary connector for terminating power.
HR10A-12P-12S 2-Pin power cable


We could customize the HR10A-12P-12S 2-Pin power cable all as you like.
  1. Cable length, such as 1 meter, 0.2 meters, from 0.1 meters to 5 meters.
  2. Connector type. Such as HR10A-12P-12S, HR10A-12P-12P, HR25-7TP-8S, HR25-7TP-8P, HR10A-7P-6S, HR10A-7P-6P. We can also use any other connector, such as M12 waterproof connector, Lemo connector, etc.
  3. The connector angle orientation. For example, the HIROSE HR10A-12P-12S 12-pin female connector can have any right angle for options.
  4. Cable type. Static or drag chain.
  5. Cable color. We use black color typically, we can have any other color for option.
  6. Pin wires assignment.
  7. Label and packing.
  For more information about Hirose connector, please visit https://www.hirose.com/

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