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HR10A-12P-12S to RJ45 Power/IO trigger Cable

HR10A-12P-12S to RJ45 Power/IO trigger Cable


Model Number: DHT-C-0317
Application: drag chain, for industrial camera

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Product Details
The Hirose HR10A-12P-12S to RJ45 Power/IO trigger cable can connect Basler Ace camera to Basler SLP strobe controller 121040. It mates with Basler Scout, Pilot, and Aviator GigE auxiliary connectors, for the terminal power supply.  

HR10A-12P-12S to RJ45 Cable Features

  1. 26AWG power wire.
  2. Industrial grade is reliable and suitable for industrial cameras, and frame grabbers.
  3. Transmission of high-speed for the audio, data, and video.
  4. Fully SSTP shielded.
  5. Supply PoE(Power over Ethernet).
  6. Overmolded connector, IP56 waterproof.
  7. 100% open, short, miss-wire test.
  8. Gold plated on the terminal contacts.
HR10A-12P-12S to RJ45 Power/IO trigger Cable  

Cable Customization:

We accept any customization for the HR10A-12P-12S to RJ45 cable not limited to the following:
  1. Cable length from 0.2 meters to 15 meters.
  2. Cable color, for example, we have beige and black as options.
  3. The connector type, such as HR10A-10P-12S, HR10A-10P-12S.
  4. Wire type, such as twist, and non-twist as options.
  5. Pin assignment.
  6. Connector right angle orientation.  That is to say, we have 8 orientations for the Hirose 12S connector, and 4 orientations for the RJ45 connector.
We have many types of customized cables for industrial machine vision cameras and light controllers. The vision cable connector types are various, such as Hirose, Lemo, Molex, USB, Camera Link SDR/HDR/MDR, D-sub, M12, M8, RJ45, etc. For more information about Basler SLP strobe controller 121040, please visit Basler web docs.  

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